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47 - Dragon Ball Super GT by Majin3D 47 - Dragon Ball Super GT :iconmajin3d:Majin3D 13 6


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47 - Dragon Ball Super GT

Name: Unknown

Alias: 47
Born: 737 (physically in her early 40's but has the appearance of someone in their early 20's)
Race: Saiyan
Home: Planet Vegeta (formerly), Earth (temporarily)
Battle Power: Unknown
Occupation: Assassin, Bodyguard, Martial Artist
Goals: To become the strongest fighter in the universe and to hopefully discover more about her past.

Transformation: Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Full Power, Super Saiyan 2, Great Ape, Golden Great Ape.

Attacks: Kamehameha, Dark Kamehameha, Darkness Falls, Phantom Slash, Reaper Scythe. 

Abilities: Instant Transmission, Divination, Mimicry, 

Bio (WIP): 47 is a female Saiyan who makes her debut in Dragon Ball Super GT ('47' arc). Not much is known about 47 or her past but it is known she was to be sent to a planet as a baby with the intent to wipe out its inhabitants in order to secure it for Frieza's ''Planet Trade Organization'' but shortly after departing Planet Vegeta (24 hours prior to Planet Vegeta’s destruction) her Saiyan pod was intercepted by the T30 (The 3rd Organization) a group of space scientists who specialized in capturing children of different races in order to create the perfect Assassins from different race, they discussed using a Saiyan child in their next experiment and by chance they succeeded when they intercepted a Saiyan pod carrying a Saiyan child. 

47 is a female Saiyan who was genetically enhanced by the T3O’s lead scientist Dr Tori Yama (nod to Toriyama, haha), as her 47th Assassin for the 3rd Organization.

She saw 47 as her greatest work to date and eventually formed a special kind of bond much like that of a mentor/student which was something she had never done before with past subjects. She decided that 47 could be dangerous should she fall into the hands of her superiors and decided the best option would be to wipe her memory and send her to a distant planet where she could live her life as she intended but before she could complete her plans she was unaware her superiors had discovered her intentions and had her killed (allegedly). 

I commissioned this artwork and had it drawn by BardockSonic. He was cool enough to allow me to upload it -  drawn and colored by BardockSonic.

She is partially inspired by Hit (Dragon Ball Super) and Agent 47 from the Hitman video games. Her alias and outfit are homage to Hitman (Agent 47).

Dragon Ball (Z, Super, GT) are property of their respective owners Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, etc.

Feb 8, 2017
:iconmajin3d:Majin3D has changed their username (formerly MajinKhanage-411)
Aug 12, 2016
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